Talented Mr. Hitch

I saw all movies made by Hitchcock and love his stories full of suspense, the Hollywood actors in the ’50s-’60s and the uniqueness of his work in the cinema history. In this case, how could I miss the chance to see “Hitchcock” with Antony Hopkins, Helen Mirren and Scarlett Johansen ?!

At the first glance, it’s about the making of “Psycho” – the movie considered as his masterpiece. At the second glance it’s a story about taking risks to produce the movie, the supportive and the love relation with his wife Alma. Hitch was excentric, unique, difficult but certainly a man with a fabulous sense of humour.

Working with Hitchcock was not an easy task for many of the leading actresses in his movies… still the relation with Janet Leigh, the leading actress in Psycho (Scarlet Johanson) was a smooth one.

“At Hollywood you are your last movie”  used to say Mr. Hitch at the end…while a black bird came to his shoulder…

Looking retrospectively, Alfred Hitchcock “the king of suspense” was as good as all his movies !