The Ones

Working on self-confidence first with myself and then with the people I am coaching represents one of favourite endaviours. A couple of years ago I learned about the terminology named “modelling”. Of course it’s not about models, fashion and Louis Vuitton bags a high focus topic for many people on the globe (Japanese girls and Louis Vuitton bags)

In this particular case, modelling means look carefully to the personalities you admire and try to replicate some of the traits of their personality. Obviously, I asked myself the simple question “whom I want “to model” in this life and what I liked about them?

It’s time to share some of my secrets 🙂 Here is my current list:

1. Audrey Hepburn ” actress and fashion icon” – whom I admire for talent, grace, femininity, care, empathy and glamour. She continue to be fabulous in her roles as an actress (Sabrina, Breakfast at Tiffany) and a source of inspiration as UNICEF ambassador.


2. Oprah “the TV star”  – for her self-confidence, trust, capacity and share her fabulous experience.

3. Tony Robbins “the ultimate coach” – due to his books and videos I managed to re-build the foundation of my current life. In the next years, I look forward to participate to one of workshops in Europe.

4. Eric Emmanuel Schmitt – a contemporary writer who understands perfectly the women’s soul, writes precious stories full of learnings and beauty. Besides, he claims that one of his books is “The most beautiful book in the world” ?!

5. Isabel Allende “the storyteller” – the woman whom I love to meet in this lifetime and to thank her for the courage, talent and authenticity

6. David duChemin “the travel photographer” -he takes fab photos, surprising emotions and beauty of this mankind. He is my visual kind of inspiration, these days when I am trying to get “Within the frame”.

As a general comment, I am impressed by people who dedicate their time to create, inspire and leave something valuable behind. Their inspiration and performance motivate us to become better versions of us, day by day. At the same time, let’s preserve the authenticity and be “the original” !

Why don’t you take some minutes in this sunny Sunday morning and think about your role models ?!