The taste of happiness

In the last couple of years I was involved in marketing for nutrition and weight management brands. At the same time, as a coach I focus on emotions and triggers that make us establish a love and hate relation with food. As an honest and open person, a few month ago, I recognized in front of the camera that I have some guilty pleasures, and still feel 100% responsible for my choices. Let’s start with 1st of them: ICE CREAM.

About my relation with the ice cream, I can speak for ages. Honestly, I can live only with ice cream – all flavours, colors and tastes: chocolate, vanilla, lime sorbet, coffee… you name it. The ice cream is one my few sweet guilty pleasures, no matter of season.No matter how much guilt is invoved… it remains a pleasure!

For many years I considered that the ice cream shop next to Fontana di Trevi is THE GELATERIA no 1 in the world. Time pass, things change. In 2011, my relation with the ice cream became one of…Amorino. Amorino is a dream place on rue Massena in Nice, where I was spending at least 30 minutes daily, tasting different flavours and enjoying the moment. I am proud to say that I tasted most of the available flavours, 22 in total and recognize that the owners of the franchise are indeed real creators of gelato artigianale. Their names are Cristiano Sereni and Paulo Benassi, two italiano vero, whom I should thank for the sublime gout of their ice cream.

The names of the 22 flavours make you dream, live and feel the sensation of a travel around the world: caffe de Brasil, Sorrento limes, Ecuador chocolate, Madagascar vanilla, India mango. Everything is bio and creates a real pleasure to your senses. Besides, you can try many flavours at the same time, as they squeeze some small quantities in the coppa you choose. Speaking about choices, Cristiano’s choice : pistachio, Paulo’s: amarena cherry. My favourite: sorbeto with the fruit of passion, the natural choice of a woman passionate about her life!

My Nice story has a follow up, as my passion for ice cream goes on…

In February 2013, I discovered Gelateria Venchi in Bologna and completed my lesson about the taste of happiness. My number 1 choice from that place remains chocolate with pepermint in line with my strong personality, with unusual choices in life.  Besides, Gelateria Venchi is my favourite ice cream place in Bucharest, where I choose the chocolate with orange ice cream, whenever I visit the place.

Another unique discovery happened in April 2013 – while in Ubud, Bali at Kagemusha Restaurant I had green tea icea cream at the desert. Want to know my impression ? Just fantastic !

It’s obvious that the choices in our external world are connected with our own self. Perfect life comes with perfect moments and no strict diets. Irrespective of seasons, nutritional theories and diets – my guilty pleasures are part of my life, offering moments when my brain accept and recognize that strong feeling of happiness !