3 steps to success

We live in a society where success validation is a simple one. Money, real estates, exotic holidays are the status symbols that certify success. We respect people, whom made the first million in their own way… and the second and the 3rd million. But, once you are up there, who cares about the details…

In fact, each and every of us has a certain need to be recognized, to feel that his/hers own actions are approved by those around. Every time, we are called as successful, a part of us feels the joy deep inside. Maybe is the ego, maybe not…I know the corporate speech by heart. I felt the sensation of driving a beautiful corporate cars like A3 or Passat.  For each and every role we undertake, we have to be ready to pay the price.

In the last years, as a life coach I looked many people in their eyes and souls. The books I read, the journeys and especially the life I created brought me new perceptions, feelings and experiences.

Today, I would dare to share with you my brand new definition of success:

1) Success means the privilege to be yourself. Authenticity is the ultimate luxury, that just a few people afford to display it day by day. What a fantastic feeling to behave, think, feel and express yourself simple, natural and free.

2) Freedom to choose: it’s fabulous to choose where, when and especially with whom you want to spend your time, this unique resource. Let’s keep in mind that time is irreversible and make our lives meaningful.

3) The chance to express yourself and materialize your dreams, to say work equal vocation and to use the gifts that Divinity offered you. It took me years to figure out the shape and formats to express myself. It’s time to work on the projects that make me smile me smile and bring me joy:)

To be blunt, in my particular case all the 3 mentioned points are still “work in progress”. Nowadays, I plan, channel my energy and move forward. Once I’ll register some significant progress, I will invite you to a new, open discussion about freedom and success.

Have an inspired day and create something unique !