The life path

Once we start to ask ourselves different questions,  we get new answers and a different perspective. Then, we might decide to change the course of our life path. Year after year we live our life on fast forward, consider that life equals work, consider simple aquaintances as friends. Besides, there is an inner voice claiming “The is the only way !”

In a critical moment, I started to asses my life 360 degrees, in all aspects and areas and asked myself questions such as “Am I truly happy?”, “How do I like to be, do, have?”. As of that moment, my whole paradigm changed. Plans, actions and changes were the natural step.

The last couple of years represented a time for questioning, re-definition of values, goals, objectives. In this very moment, my life looks like work in progress. From chaos a new structure is about to born. Everyday, I move forward several milimetres on my new path, slowly and firmly.

Every cell of my body feels great, my toughts and neural paths are brand new and my physical body is ready to act.

Definitely, I am the only expert in my own life, and hopefully an inspirational model for some of you. As a coach, I can compare myself with a guide who accompanies others for a defined period of time, in their journey. The life coach asks you powerful questions, gives you space, support and empowerment for a fresh start.

It takes courage, inner motivation, honesty and openess to accept there is “an improved version” of you. Once you know yourself, you feel an amazing joy each and every day of your life.

The Universe always rewards those people who accept the challenge !