Life is a joyful dance

“Life is a joyful dance”  –  that’s the motto of those borne on December 17th. That’s my birthday… Sagittarius astrological sign, dynamic, energetic, happy, in action. I discovered it by chance in March 2010, while in London in Waterstone bookstore. Lovely discovery, I would say. Don’t ask me about your motto, as I haven’t bought the book 🙂

I took time to reflect upon my motto, how I feel about it, what is the significance behind it. Like any other profession, dance is about learning the technique, the “how to”, followed by the experience given by practice. The more you practice, the more confident you are, you seem like almost forgetting about the technical aspects and just be…Once you like it, everybody notice it.

In June this year, I signed up for some week-end dance classes. A workshop in latino, house, reggae, powered by a professional from Latin America, named Jose Martinez. Once I saw him entering the class, it came obvious that this guy loves so much what is doing, that he feels like on holiday. As he collaborates with Reebok, he changed several trendy dance outfits during that week-end. He made everything seemed simple and easy. I felt like I found the most precious secret ever. Once you love doing something, it should be easy. Work is play and fun, you get energized, rather than drained by energy. You simple enjoy the moment.

In the last couple of years, I dedicated time and energy to become a professional, accredited coach. One of the first things I learn is that the coach is “dancing in the moment”. In the first stage, the metaphor seemed quite abstract. Finally, I realized the deep meaning and beautiful significance of it. The coach feels great, relaxed and balanced and conveys this to his client. The client should feel at ease, relaxed and resourceful ready to see the ocean of opportunities in front of him. As I coach, I use my intuition and sense the energy of the person in front of me, adjust and raise his/her energy, making him act. The essence is about being in the now, feeling and acting. The joy you feel once the client’s life changes, is limitless.

I connect the three dots and see how my life motto became real and got alive. New habits, attitudes and a different professional identity are the natural result of the new meaning of the words I AM, NOW and the perfect life motto “Life is a joyful dance.”