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Beautiful buildings have behind the soul of an artist and the mind of a constructor with well-defined plans. Same is applicable whenever we speak about the businesses with a long lasting history and tradition, that have behind a business architect, who dreams, makes plans, works with daring teams and leaves a trace.

1st – reinvent yourself as limitless humans, then to reinvent the business.



We live in smaller or larger cities, travel within Europe or around the world, see movies, photo albums or visuals on internet. We discover attention getting buildings, which stay in our memory years after years. We know that the simple, ordinary blocks of flats, painted in grey have no impact whatsoever on us. People live in both types of buildings. Totally different kind of people generated totally different kind of projects. We will never know who signed the project for a block of flats in the outskirts of Bucharest, still we will feel a powerful emotion whenever we pronounce the names of Michelangelo, Gaudi or Hundertwasser.

There are some similarities between the story of a building and that of a business. Both buildings and business can live for years, decades or centuries. A business with a soul, created by an imaginative architect has a story behind. The same is valid for businesses created with passion, able to reinvent from time to time, be alive, full of energy and vibe.

These days people and businesses are changing, reinventing and feel ready to explore new paths and opportunities. Entrepreneurs and leaders from corporate world who resonate with the term “change” are creating today their professional future. The others, still live under the “business as usual” paradigm, as long as possible… if possible.

This program is meant to reveal the answer to the following 3 fundamental questions for the business you are managing now:

  • How will your business look like in the next 1-3 years?
  • What would you do differently today, to have different results in the future?
  • Am I running a high performance team? How can I grow the team today, to over-perform tomorrow as “BUSINESS ARCHITECT?


Q : How does the profile of a “business architect” – creator of durable businesses look like?

A : He is a leader, mentor, coach. He is an expert in his domain, knows the rules of creative thinking and master his time in the most productive way. Some people are naturally born leaders, others learn how to become authentic leaders and make a difference in the world. Today, it’s the right time to do the shift:


• Be charismatic : convey self-confidence, self-esteem inside/out
• Use transformational language
• Know that intentionality is  “intention in action”
• Cultivate a high level of energy
• Know how to handle Stress and emotions management in crisis
• Master the communication, feedback and especially the feed-forward


Personal growth is the prerequisite for the business growth process. Once you stepped out of the comfort zone and reached your full potential, you are ready to create the BUSINESS VISION – detailed, vivid, complete, with brands, people, action, results, figures. You will know exactly how the dream looks like, you use the right/left side of your brains and you will feel excited and enthusiastic to put it into practice.

As an Executive Coach and Business Mentor,  know how to ask powerful questions, do the mapping, and support the process via 1-2-1 and group sessions:

  • Facilitate the team brainstorming sessions to create the strategic vision: turnover, market share, position within the industry, profitability.
  • Re-define the product portfolio, investments, human resources.
  • Re-think the strategic planning in detail and prepare for the future: current portfolio, organization structure, development plan for the current team – stepping back in the present

“Build a strong business” : project encompassing Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring, tailored made based on client’s business objectives.

Post workshop:

• Consulting&Mentoring programs on marketing&sales, human resources, finance
• Executive coaching with top and middle management

Now, it’s the perfect time to reinvent yourself&your business

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