Run for fun

Irrespective that we speak about handball or basketball , in my particular case the sport classes in school had absolutely nothing attractive. I hardly accepted, the speed run as the 500-metre is finishing sooner rather than later. As to the 5-km running – I was truly striving to cope with it for a simple reason. Nobody mentioned a small detail – how important is to breath and correlate the distance with the effort.

After more than 2 decades, I decided to re-activate my running habit, started with 10-15 minutes sessions on the treadmill and gradually increased to 1-hour running.

I might not become a marathon runner soon, but I still dream to make it possible one day. Currently, it’s a real pleasure to run 6-7 km on the treadmill or in the park and intend to gradually increase both the distance and the speed.

After hours and hours of running and many self-development and coaching exercises, I came to the following conclusions:

Running, as many other things in our lives is strongly linked with the power of intention. Once you clearly set your objective, the energy will follow the intentions. Your steps and your mind will reach the same destination, for sure.

Visualize yourself running 5 kilometers, feel yourself doing every single step and then… act.

Running – in the park is a way to relax, with a positive impact on your state of mind

Personally, I hate the expression “no pain, no gain” as the associations with pain will determine you to give up rather than going on. My secret: I strongly focus on the high quantity of endorphins – the reward after the running hour – and move on… Sometimes, a kilometer might seem long and a minute might look like a never ending time… still the wellbeing state after the running hour named “the runner’s high” is priceless. Trust me or test it by yourself!

Running is another way to exceed your limits, to earn more self-confidence, to understand the performance from a different angle.

Briefly, this is my short plead for running in park, on the treadmill, anytime, any season. That’s the kind of sport which you love or hate. For people like us, it might create addiction, isn’t it ?!