April 21, 2013  Singapore

A wonderful Sunday morning together with my most wonderful friends, Kathleen and Chris.

Our plan for that morning: visit to the Botanic Garden, one of the “must see” places in Singapore. No matter if you take the breakfast at Tiffany like Audrey Hepburn, on a sunny terrace or in your kitchen, breakfast is still the most important meal of the day.

Our breakfast place : the restaurant called “Food for thought” located at the entrance of the botanic garden. It’s that kind of place where you enter for some food and get some fantastic memories full of wisdom as a bonus.

We’ve got our energy from food and our positive thinking from the walls. No kidding… Once I’ve entered that place I felt like resonating with the people who created it. My dear camera (Nikon J1, best camera for women, especially blonds) helped me preserve the moments in some visuals that replaced perfectly the notes.

Apart from some energy, some new fresh ideas traveled with me back home. Now it’s time to share them with you:

1. Savour every minute : what a fantastic gift to enjoy the present, to bring your whole attention to the person or situation you focus on, to create and to participate actively to your life, to feel the deep meaning of the phrase “strongly engaged in my life”.

2. Enjoy every bite: my work is strongly connected with nutrition and marketing. Thus, words like protein, carbs, fibers, weight management and calories are part of my day by day life and vocabulary. Guilty pleasures life chocolate, bread or ice cream are also part of my life…Once I consciously decide to feel the strong taste of chocolate or ice cream, trust me, I truly do it, feel it and enjoy it. My brain knows that I don’t feel guilty at all…

3. Love your family: your family is always next to you in good times and bad times. Since the first years of our life, loving our family is the most natural thing in the world. What a great chance to tell your parents “I love you” and to create a powerful relation with them !

4. Hug the trees: to be very honest I haven’t hugged a tree (yet). I might do it one day… I feel strongly connected with nature, that continues to surprise me each and every moment, teaching me the lesson of perfection.

5. Spread the word: share with those around you the joy of living, beauty, passion, talents and creativity. Once you learn the lesson of generosity, you will feel lighter and happier.

In only 30 minutes I fueled with some tasty food and got some great insights about life.

After that, my mind and body were perfectly prepared for a delighting scenary in this magnificent world of plans, trees and flowers!

There is so much beauty in the world, so close to us.

Just be present, close your eyes and enjoy it !