Play like nobody else

To succeed … you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you.

– Tony Dorsett

These days, I re-read a book called “Never too late to be great” – The power of thinking long,  by Tom Butler-Bowdon. Tom, makes some great points on transforming a passion into a full time job, in any moment of your life. This is based on correlation between an increased life span due to the a more active, healthy lifestyle, and a longer period of passionate professional activities. According to him, in your early forties you just set the foundation and have some 66.7% of your productive time!

Let’s call passionate, productive time, rather than work! Personally, I don’t believe in the concepts like retirement, and therefore prepare for an active, meaningful life as long as it takes. “When you retire, you expire” – used to say one of the greatest guys met this year, active, funny and full of life at 60 y.o. I totally agree with his view 🙂

As a life coach in search for vocational, passionate work – the foundation for a successful life, I looked up for poweful, inspirational models, who managed to transform their big, beautiful dreams into a tangible reality. There are at least 2 movies that inspire me every time I think and speak about “work as passion” : ‘J.K Rowling story” and “Ratatouille” – both of them speak about impossible dream, about great desire to do the unknown, about doing things in a totally unique way.

The conclusion is  a simple one: once you discover something that really thrills you, makes you enthusiastic about it… get start it, go on, and on… and one day it will transform into something big.It might take years to define what you love to do… still is a great priviledge and luck to know. Work with limiting beliefs like” I am too old, too fat, too small, to tall, have no time, what others think…” and do that something that only you can do. That’s the thing that matters. This is it !