Create your future now

The way you see, feel an act in your life represent the window you see the world, while your positive perceptions activate your resources and capacity to pass through exceptional experiences and life situations. Within 1-2-1 and group coaching sessions, leaders have the opportunity to share the aspects related to their belief system and self-esteem. Some conclusions below:

  • We are the only “experts in own lives”, owning all the solutions deep inside us;
  • None of us is “broken”, nobody needs to be repaired – anu dysfunctional behaviour could reflect a positive intention and serve to a higher purpose (e.g. the fear of flying reflects an inner need for safety);
  • We have all the resources to suceed deep inside us – the way we access them could make a difference;
  • Today it’s the right moment to start working on your life purpose and goals. Make a single step, baby step or any kind of step;
  • In case you plan doesn’t work yet, look for new ways and act differently. If you want results, get out of your comfort zone and find the right acting mode. Certainly the results will show up!
  • You are the one who creates his/her own future NOW. The difference between the succesful people and the rest is that the former category live and act in the now, whereas the latter are strongly connected to their past.

If you love the power of now, you look for new options and opportunities and generate solutions. Irrespective of the past, any present situation offers some opportunities to make new choices and create different results.

Our belief system tells us that the past is an indicator of the future. In business world, we value the experience and appreciate the impressive resumes more than attitude and long term vision.

In 2008 when our vocabulary included the word “crisis”, we realized that “business as usual” approach might not work. We needed a new business approach: out-of-the box, based on creativity, innovation, flexibility and adaptability to the market and clients’ needs. People who understood and adopted this thinking mode are the great leaders of today.

There are companies that understood that performance and effectiveness in business are the consequence of human development and transformation. They adopted coaching management style that generates options and solutions. At global level, multinational companies such as Wrigley, Procter&Gamble, Danone, Glaxo adopted this thinking mode, with impressive results in the last decade. Creating an organizational culture that encourage people to try new approaches rather than punish them, to motivate them look for new initiatives in business, to become creators and excellent drivers ready to perform.

At personal level, I experienced this paradigm and attitude change, with real benefits in all aspects related to own life and work. The human transformation is possible anytime in your life, once you decide that performance, success and fulfilment in all aspects of your life are important. One simple conclusion is that a positive mental state, self-confidence, resources and creativity are the great “side effects” of what the work conducted at “TO BE” level.

Certainly, coaching sessions have a transformational effect in personal and business life. Once the progress is visible, the self-trust is getting higher and higher. Everything starts with your own self-discovery, development and transformation. The inner changes are beautifully reflected in the external world.

The future has real chances to be different from the past. It’s never to late to be great !