Power brands activate both sides of the brain

Since 2008 we frequently discuss about crisis and out-of-the box business approach. Having in mind the Chinese signs behind the “crisis” word, “danger” and “opportunity” are the 2 directions we face daily. In such environment, strong brands had only one way out: to become bigger, bolder, more innovative, dynamic, attractive and relevant. Power brands actively cope with their times – innovative, dynamic, close to the mind and heart of the consumer.

Consumers live the 360 experience

360 experience means includes:

  • Effectiveness in traditional media – find new ways to get out of the clutter, out-of-the box product placements in series, movies and high-audience TV programs
  • Get social and reach your consumers on their computers, tablets, smart phones. Share your views on Facebook, Tweet them eventually and Linked in with your professional fellows. Once the content it’s great, it’s time to create a relation full of emotion and engagement…
  • Design memorable events that combines entertainment with education, joy with responsibility, supports sports, arts, culture, environment, talents

Strong brands are part of our lives

People love brands that inspire them, connect with them and build a long term relation. Nike, Zara, Dove, Apple, Danone, Herbalife and  already part of my life, acting like a glue between my passions and lifestyle. Self-confidence, inner beauty, trust, creativity are the reasons behind my choices, in the last decade. While Dove is sharing the self-confidence story, Nike made me believe that everybody could be an athlete, Danone and Herbalife are “responsible” for my active lifestyle and good nutrition, while Apple drives my creativity and innovative spirit.

Great brands contribute to the people and community growth giving a perfect meaning to the words “social responsibility”. Strong brands educate the consumer on prevention, healthy lifestyle, support education, culture, arts, environment and sports – co-existing and co-creating with us, these days.

They foster growth, evolution, building both relevance and credibility – that’s a great way to give back to the society and leave a mark in this world by positive influence. A great, meaningful, splendid way to integrate in our lives !


In 2013, the journey in the fascinating world of brand management became really emotional and social:


Business performance means Strong Brands and Inspired Leaders

Having a close look to the success recipe of the biggest companies in the world, we came to the conclusion that remarkable performances reflect mainly the customer centricity and development of brands with strong emotional benefits. More specifically, the leaders of these companies

• Discover the consumer needs and explore the opportunities

• Create unique offerings/products that determine “consumer traction”

• Mobilize positive emotion within and outside the organization

• Convey positive energy towards the team

• Deliver exceptional growth every year

Learning Experience includes a mix of concepts, examples, case studies, great TVCs, experience sharing and practice, practice, practice!


• Brand management in the 21st century – new challenges

• 8 steps toward excellence in branding

• Competitive superior positioning: points of parity (POP),

points of difference (POD), brand mantras, mental maps

• To perform-to resonate. Brand resonance pyramid

• Traditional and non-traditional integrated marketing activities

• Marketing Holistic

Examples and cases from FMCG, services. Global and local brands.


• Challenges and opportunities in Romanian pharma industry

• RX and OTC portfolios – Brand management

• 8 steps toward excellence in pharma branding

• Competitive superior positioning:

points of parity (POP), points of difference (POD), brand mantras, mental maps

• To perform-to resonate. Brand resonance pyramid

• Integrated Pharma Marketing

• Marketing holistic

Examples and cases from pharma (RX, OTC), FMCG, services. Global and local brands.

• Training programs are developed for professionals in marketing, sales, top management based on  specific needs


Oana recommends the following books:


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